Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Big Fish in the news.

The Big Fish Blog and Twitter (@TheBigFish­_UK), which have been running for just over a week, were born with the aim of providing a serious and expert analysis, commentary and critic of financial regulation developments in the UK and worldwide from a free markets, free enterprise and personal freedom perspective. Secondarily, we also intend to comment mainly in relation to relevant news or developments in the Economy, Business, Financial Markets and Political sectors in order to denounce any attacks against freedom and propose sensible and workable solutions. Therefore, we seek to reach the general public and become a point of reference so we have our say in the debate and our voice is heard. 

We have already engaged with multitude of Twitter users and specialised blogs, news sites and think-tanks, in order to spread our opinion, and although it is just a small step in our journey, we are very proud and honoured for having been selected three times already in the Cityam Forum "Rapid Responses – Top Tweets" section. Here they are:
  • 1st May 2012: The FSA are the worst enemy of free markets. Why is everyone so passive about this?
  • 27th April 2012: The Leveson Inquiry is becoming a political ballgame. It should have ended long ago and the job left to the police.
  • 24th April 2012: Sarko socialist, Hollande far-left, Le Pen extreme right. Is there any real pro business party in France?

Please, keep following us on twitter (@TheBigFish­_UK) and on this blog. Meanwhile we will keep updating this space with further developments in the future.

Many thanks,

The Big Fish team.

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